Dentist & Stationery
Monday, August 27, 2007

The numbness from the dentist is finally wearing off. 🙂 I had my two silver fillings (from when I was a kid) replaced today with white composite. Now one more appointment and I’m dentist-free until my 6 month check up, whoohooo~!!

Afterwards I went to Kinokuniya since it’s right down the street. I got 5 letter sets, 3 mini notepads & 5 files folders.

Penpals anyone??

Manuel’s been in XBOX heaven since he got his new 360 yesterday. If you haven’t read the sidenote.. it’s his early birthday & Xmas present (so he says). My sister is always saying, “Don’t you get mad that he plays games all the time?” I honestly don’t care. It keeps him from bugging me plus Kaylie and I do our own thing anyway. Maybe that’s the secret to a long relationship, hahahaha~

Our PoliSci class that we’re on the waiting list for got changed to Wednesday nights instead of Mondays. Now I don’t think we’re gonna take the class since that’s the night my sister goes to church, hmmmph.

Here’s the Friday 5 since I forgot to do it:
Imagine you are on your deathbed. Recommend to those who remain in your life…
1) One book to read.
I don’t really read…
2) One movie to watch.
The Notebook
3) One food to eat.
Walhalla Pasta from Outback Steakhouse.
4) One place to go.
Disneyland, hehe~ It’s the happiest place on earth (except if you go w/ boys named Manuel).
5) One life lesson to leave behind.
Live life to the fullest~!!

– – – – – – –

PS: Did I mention I lost 5lbs?!! I haven’t been eating a bunch of junk food & I’m snacking on healthier food. 😉 I get all excited when I weigh myself now, haha~


  1. Thao says:

    Oooh pretty stationaries. None of the stores near me sell cute cheap stationaries. I need to stock up on my supplies too. Need monies first… 😮

  2. Leanne says:

    ahh i need more letter sets. but all the cute stores are disappearing here in melb! ; ^ ;

  3. Laarni says:

    I used to collect stationaries. Cute.

  4. Ciel says:

    i’m glad you bought yourself some nice stuff after going to the dentist! such an unpleasant experience!

  5. karme says:

    uwah nice stuff!!! *has loads of stationary that i never write on ahahaa.. \:D/

  6. Lorik says:

    Lots of cute stuff!!~ The sanrio in our mall just closed down ;_____; so sad….i need to buy more stationaries asap!

    Awww you are so nice…getting Manuel and XBOX~

    good job on the 5lbs!!! ^___________^

  7. Kat says:

    lol you’re 28 yet you still buy those cute little stuffs hahaha well no one can resist them they’re so adorable. Sanrio makes lots of millions out from women hehe

  8. Exene says:

    You have monokuro boo stationary! They are one of my favorite characters. My brother wants an xbox360 I’m kinda pushing him to get one because I want to play too.

  9. Karen says:

    I used to be OBSESSED with stationery. No kidding, I would stay in those stores for hours trying to find the perfect ones 😀 Too bad there aren’t any good stationery stores around here…. Anyways, I love the new sets that you’ve got^^

  10. oh! what gorgeous stationeries! it’s a good thing that we’re writing to each other haha ;p your letter is on its way 😉

  11. Stephanie says:

    Hey! =]
    Awesome stationary. I love cute little things like that. I’m not much a letter writer though xD I still have two sets of stationary from like yearrssss ago.
    Nice Friday 5 =] I’ll try that Walhalla Pasta next time I got to Outback ^^


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