School blues
Wednesday, September 5, 2007


The sun looked pretty cool today so I had to take a picture, hehe~ Taken: 7:02pm

My Statistics class is kinda stressin’ me out. It’s hard/confusing & there’s a lot we have to do each week. Out of our “To-Do” list I’ve only done the reading and started on the online homework. There’s like a million more things to do by 11pm Sunday night, sigh~

We had our final orientation meeting last night. The teacher showed us how to use Excel to do some statistics. We have 4 Excel Lab assignments due through out the semester. The first one she did about 80% of the work w/ us in class so at least I’ll get a good grade on that one, hehe~

My first online exam I totally bombed! 🙁 I didn’t study much since I got the book the day before but I thought I’d do better than I did. I’m glad she’s gonna drop the lowest 3 scores. Too bad one of them was on the Intro to Stats.

I haven’t even read what’s due this week for my Library class. I kinda skimmed over an email that said it was gonna be a “light” week so we could start on Week 4’s assignments if we wanted. That’s a relief.

Got a package today…

PS: I’m so getting THIS!


  1. Thao says:

    Yeah, I saw the sun like that this morning too. It’s so weird. The moonlight fire has a nice name though.

    Apple keeps coming out with new and better Ipods and stuff. I’m so behind. I don’t have any of it. Not even the old school ones.

  2. Gwen says:

    If there’s one thing I totally suck at, it’s statistics. So I feel your pain. Good luck with it. Just keep doing your best and I’m sure it will work out in the end. 🙂

    Why is it that you always get the cutest stuff?! lol Which color ipod are you gonna get? x

  3. Lorik says:

    AAHHHHHHH school is stressing me out too…my teachers are just weird….and everything just feels uncomfortable~ It’s gonna take some getting used to~

    Jenn!!! I want that ipod too!!! I have waited and waited for a new ipod to come out and i think this is the one I’m gonna get~ Which color do you like???

  4. Sasha says:

    eeee scary car moment! i’ve done stupid things, too (like scraping my dad’s bumper again a parking garage wall, duhhh). 🙂

    good luck with your statistics class! School is not fun.. it’s amazing how quickly the work piles up.

    is that a Harajuku Lovers keychain? super cute!

  5. Ciel says:

    oh those new iPod’s are so awesome!!

    good luck with your Statistics class, don’t let it stress you out too much! i’m so glad i don’t have to worry about exams and such anymore… good luck with everything!

  6. connie says:

    lol, honestly, apple needs to stop doing that! i know everyone who drops their current ipods to go get the new one – don’t let them take advantage of our … um, i know, attraction to pretty toys? 😉 i’m sorry to hear about all this yucky school crap, but hopefully it lightens up soon. i know i’m hoping the same for me (though i doubt it!). take care!


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