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Friday, May 1, 2009

Thanks for all the input regarding the Japanese course. :blush: I’ve decided that I really want to take it so I’m going to register for it. I also might take an online summer course called Web Page Design with XHTML. I’ve already taken 4 Creating Web Page courses so this one shouldn’t be a challenge just fun. I wanted to take Digital Photography during the Fall but that would mean I’d be at school Mon – Thu from 7pm – 9:30pm & I’m positive I can’t hang with that! Maybe in the Spring~

Since coming back to work after Spring Break I’m surprised the week went by rather quickly!! :cheery: Although I was 40 minutes late today, oops. My BlackBerry Storm was acting up AGAIN this time there was no sound coming from it, i.e. no ringtone when the phone rang or alarm clock beeping~  Thankfully being late wasn’t much of a problem.

Manuel’s sick again.. at least the swine flu has been ruled out. I was kinda freaked out because he had ALL THE SYMPTOMS!  His HR & the nurse practitioner both told him to stay home today. It’s funny b/c whenever he gets sick I never catch it.. hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself.

Next are some photos from the past three Forever21 shopping trips I went on during the last two weeks… Notice eco-bags with each purchase, hehe~

Modeling the grandeur bow headband..

Pink & white ribbed racerback tanks, navy knit shorts, black grandeur
bow headband, dream green eco-bag, heart & jeweled bow necklace,
owl tee, black open back tank & pink banded pocket tank

Pink large satin bow headband, black satin bow headband, keen on
green eco-bag, eiffel tower heart compact, winged love necklace,
rhinestone pear necklace, monkey key covers, pink tunic,
sporty shorts, black & white knit racerback tanks

Pink large satin bow headband & black satin bow headband

Eiffel tower heart compact, winged love necklace & rhinestone pear necklace

Monkey key covers

Festival de l’amour tank, orange sleeveless tunic, love
expression tote, pink bandeau & black tube top

Friday 5 // Randomosity!

    1. What was your first word as a child?
    Not sure, gotta check w/ the parents
    2. What’s the weirdest dare you’ve ever taken?
    I don’t recall ever taking a dare; yep that’s boring ‘ol Jenn
    3. What are you allergic to?
    Nothing that I know of
    4. What was the last name of the person you first kissed?
    Amayo, I think
    5. Have you ever REALLY cried from happiness? What was the situation?
    Yes, walking down the aisle at my wedding with my dad at my side

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  1. Nicola says:

    I know how everyone loves these huge bows, but I’m really not into them. When do you wear those anyway? I certainly can’t imagine these on me 🙁

    I love the eco bags, look really cute! wish forever 21 here (the shop is called forever 18 in germany though) would have those, too. Oh well, I don’t shop a lot at forever 21 anyway, it’s not really my stye 🙄

    my first word was papa! :blush: my sisters, too. guess it’s easier to say then mama :blank:

    • JENN~ says:

      I saw the headband & had to have it.. still thinking about when/where I’m going to where it, haha~ I’m sure I’ll manage to find a time & place to do so even if it’s only at home in front of the camera. 😉

  2. Leanne says:

    i want to go shopping now!

    ahhh giant bows are awesome! 😀

  3. Patricia says:

    gosh i love the eco bags and the eiffiel tower purse is simply irresistable! 😀 anyway, hope all’s good for you babe! school’s pretty hectic since I’m in my senior year but well, i guess it would be over soon so I gotta bear with it! (:

  4. Amy says:

    Ahh. I love Forever 21! I’m so happy to have one near me :love:

    Good thing you ruled out swine flu! It’s scary stuff, they closed down a school not far from my house because of it 😮

  5. Gillian says:

    Yeah, tell me about it haha.
    Woo hope you have a great time with that Japanese course, i’m glad you decided to take it. 🙂
    Sorry to hear that your blackberry was acting up again.

    Awe i hope Manuel feels better soon!

    Loving the pics hehe, looks like you had a fab time shopping. 🙂

  6. Genevieve says:

    WOW what a haul! Great stuff! :normal:

    How exciting to be taking the Japanese class! 🙂

    Hope Manuel’s feeling better now! :normal:

  7. MC says:

    Man, I want the Blackberry Storm so bad! But I’d probably get MORE addicted to it then my Pearl – even though I don’t even know how that’s possible hah!

  8. jenn says:

    hi this is my first time comming on your blog, your layout is very nice !
    i love the stuff you got at forever21. :love:

    it makes me want to go shopping even more ~

  9. Lauren says:

    I’ve actually never been to a Forever21, but judging from your haul, it looks like my kind of thing. :love: I can’t pull off the big bows, but I love wearing smaller ones. I hope you have a great time at your Japanese classes!

  10. Em says:

    OMGGGGG, I have wanted a headband like that forever. And how I love your blog…I would like to make sweet, sweet love to your layout 😛


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