Weeky Tweets 12-12-10
Sunday, December 12, 2010

  • Slept in til almost 1pm.. Showered, made lunch, now lounging around until I have to pick up Kaylie #
  • Car overheating! Stuck in the rain waiting for my Dad to bring water DX Tried to make it home but too much smoke.. #
  • Watching #TheSimpsons — Christmas espisode, yaay 😀 #
  • @ekieki Looks cute! in reply to ekieki #
  • Getting Subway for lunch, mmm #
  • Received a super cute Christmas card from the lovely @hoshikogen http://twitpic.com/3do485 #
  • I hit level 69 in #GodFinger http://tinyurl.com/29txc5g #
  • Going to bed now.. Feeling blegh DX (7:10pm) #
  • Making lunch, mmmm.. broccoli & cream of mushroom casserole AND spaghetti ;D #
  • Weekend Wrap-Up: Hubby’s Holiday Party; Decorated Xmas Tree; Car overheated now I need a new radiator; rainy & cold :/ #
  • Think I’m gonna plan on going to bed EARLY again.. Last night I was out by 7:30pm :O I would go to bed NOW if I could, luulz #
  • This week is going by waaaaaaay too slow! Blegh #
  • @shibooya Mmmm, Panera is so good! 😀 in reply to shibooya #
  • Baking sugar cookies w/ Kaylie http://twitpic.com/3egzcq #
  • Had a busy day.. Brunch, got hubby his Droid Incredible phone, then to his Grandma’s & finally to a kiddie b-day party, pheeeeew. So tired! #
  • It’s only 6:30pm and I’m going to bed, lol.. Feeling sick 24-7 isn’t fun at all. Can’t wait till it goes away, waaaaaaaii ;___; #
  • Kaylie is at Christmas in the Park 😀 #
  • I hate that I can’t read tweets much.. Using my phone, iPod Touch & iPod makes my nausea so much worse, bleeegh DX #

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