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Wed, April 23rd '08
Some more updates..

So, if you read the side blog.. Hammie died on Monday, sigh~ 😥 I was cleaning his cage and let him run around in his ball and of course Kaylie wouldn’t leave him alone. I’m not sure how many times she dropped/threw the ball but all I know is it killed him in the end. I was really sad b/c he was finally being friendly and lovable. He didn’t even make it to one month.

I really want to get another hamster but this time it will be mine and NOT Kaylie’s. I truely hope she learned from this. She keeps whining that she misses Hammie and wants to pet him again. Her & Manuel buried him yesterday, waaaaaaaii~

I have a counseling appointment tomorrow at my college. I’ll be able to graduate in the Fall so that’s cool. I REALLY wanted to graduate this year! I’m also going to be looking into the Child Development Training Consortium program they have there.

R e a d m o r e . . ?

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Wed, January 30th '08
Pretty. Odd. Title.

Today we had a get-together at my grandma’s b/c my grandpa is leaving back to Holland tomorrow. It’ll be sad to see him go since he’s been here for a little over two months. We took loads of family photos. He’ll be flying out of San Francisco and I’m probably going to the airport with everyone. We’re also planning on visiting him sometime this year.

Yesterday I preorderd P!ATD’s Deluxe Edition of Pretty. Odd. It won’t be released until March but I wanted to reserve my copy, hehe~

Package includes:

On iTunes I also downloaded their first single off the album called “Nine in the Afternoon”. It’s soooo them!!

I’m so exciting that they’re headlining the 2008 Honda Civic Tour. Pre-sale tickets went on sale today and runs until Friday. I have a password so I’ll get mine tomorrow. Anyway, the seating is general admission. The tour will be kicking off in San Francisco on Apri 10th, whoohooo~!! [/excitement]

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