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Fri, April 10th '09
A little update..

I know I haven’t been here lately.. it’s always hard after I’ve been gone for awhile to come back and start that first post.. so much to say but don’t know where to start type of thing~

I have been on the web.. either on Poupée or paying bills; nothing much has changed there, hehe~ AND I haven’t been crazy busy like I use to.. so yep, there’s really no excuse why I’m not posting or visiting.. just that I’m being lazy, sorry! First off, I need a new layout badly — if I can only pry myself away from Poupée~ 😆

Some bullet points of my life these past few months:

Be back soon~!!

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Sun, January 11th '09
Busy start to ’09

So far this year has been a bit busy.. I was hoping it wouldn’t be but it can’t be helped. I can’t believe almost two weeks have come & gone!

Since I haven’t mentioned.. here are my 2009 resolutions:

I made them more specific this year. Usually it’s save money, pay off bills & lose weight, haha~ If I have a set goal I think it’ll be easier to obtain.

Now I’ll summarize 2009 thus far with bullet points!! And photos, of course~

R e a d m o r e . . ?

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