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Sun, April 27th '08
Nice Family Weekend


Last night Manuel, Kaylie & I went to the carnival. It was pretty expensive but Kaylie had a good time, hehe~ She rode a few rides and played some games. It was kinda small in size so we weren’t there for too long.

Kaylie & I also had two birthday parties to attend yesterday. One was at the park for a co-worker’s son’s 4th b-day.. it was really hot out.. mid to high 80’s. Then we went to Manuel’s great-aunt’s house for her b-day BBQ.

Little Miss Kaylie

Today Manuel took us to the park that Kaylie calls “The Farm”. This time he brought her bike so she got some good exercise. She even fell asleep on the way home.

On the drive back down the hills we got a spectacular view of the bay area.. we could even see the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge!

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R e a d m o r e . . ?

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Fri, March 14th '08
Need Rest

I’ve had a very tiring/busy week. I’m getting ready to go to job #2 I start at 9:30am. Today I’ll be working there until 5:30pm and then meeting some friends at Dave & Busters. I totally wanna flake but I can’t. I’ve been so drained and I can barely function — half asleep all the time, sigh~ I haven’t even had time to study for my Public Speaking midterm on Monday.

R e a d m o r e . . ?

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