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Sun, February 24th '08
Cream puffs anyone?

We’ve had rainy weather all week and starting tomorrow it’s going to be sunny again, yay~!! I love when it’s nice out.

Yesterday we went to Pedro’s Restaurant for my Mom’s 50th birthday~ There were 21 of us!! It was yummy & it totally filled me up, haha~ Of course my dad foot the $450 bill.

Today I ran to Safeway to pick up a prescription and that’s about it. I’ve just been home all day. I did type up my outline & evaluation for my Public Speaking class.

The Oscars is on right now & I can hear it in the living room b/c Manuel’s grandma is watching it. I’m so tired of award shows, ughh~

Manuel’s mom dropped off some cream puffs & chocolate covered strawberries like at the crack of dawn this morning (4:15am on her way to work). She wants to open up a cream puff bakery shoppe. That’s all she’s been talking about for the past week.

R e a d m o r e . . ?

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Sun, February 10th '08
Early Valentine

Manuel gave me my Valentine’s day present early.. like always. He got me the new PINK iPod nano. I don’t want to use it until I get a cover for it so Kaylie & I are going to Target today to get one.

Then we’re meeting Heather & the kids for lunch at either Home Town Buffet (again) or IHOP. I also have to go into work for a few hours tonight, ughh~ It’ll be over-time so it’s not that bad. I told them I’d be there at 5pm and hopefully I’ll only have to stay until 7-ish.

Friday was Kaylie’s director/teacher’s last day at her pre-school. So she made her a frame with a picture of the class on Halloween. She LOVED it, of course.

R e a d m o r e . . ?

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