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Mon, May 14th '07
Postage up, again?!

Thank you all for the thoughtful Mother’s Day wishes~ :blush: I had a really nice day. I got to sleep in until 10:30am, hehe~ I lounged around the house until 4pm then met my family for a Mother’s day lunch.

We ate at Fresh Choice which is were we go every year. Afterwards we went to see my grandma at her convalescent home. In all it was a great mother’s day.

I can’t believe they raised the price of stamps, AGAIN! It’s only been a little over a year since the last increase of 2¢, sigh~ I guess since more and more people are using the internet/online banking they need to make up the loss some how.

Not that 2¢ is alot but now I have to go get more of those ugly 2¢ stamps, hehe~ Not to mention how it makes the cute envelopes look w/ two different kinds of stamps.. yes, I’m that anal. 😮 I have about 2 books of the 39¢ stamps left, too.

Oo, did you see the new Forever Stamp. “The Forever Stamp a consumer innovation that delivers convenience and value, forever.” That’s a good idea but somehow I don’t see it lasting forever. :blank: Click for a peek~

It’s been confirmed, we’re going to Vegas for sure. We’re leaving on Sat, May 26th and coming home Wed, May 30th. It’s just gonna be my parents, Kaylie and me. My uncle who lives in Arizona is meeting us there on Monday and staying until we leave.

Manuel was trying to talk Kaylie into staying, hehe~ Then I asked, “Kaylie, do you wanna go with mommy or stay with daddy?” And of course she replied, “Go with mommy.” Hahaa, Manuel’s like “Noooooo.. you wanna stay with daddy.”

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Thu, April 26th '07
Ooo, Vista

I finished and turned in my HTML final yesterday. I have an assignment due next week for my new HTML (part 3) class and my XML (part 2) class got cancelled today. I’m assuming it’s b/c there weren’t enough people enrolled in the course; the email didn’t state why. Now I have to take it next semester.

Has anyone used Windows Vista? I’m so in love with it, haha~ :shy: Manuel’s aunt got a new laptop last week and I got to experience it. So pretty… among other things, of course.

My dad has some program that can make X-P (had to put the hyphen otherwise it would turn into a smiley) look like Vista. I might try it on my desktop or on one of his older computers to see if I’ll even like it since it’s really not Vista (just the looks). I’m in no rush though, I may or may not get the real Vista on my laptop… still undecided.

Here’s what I found out so far: R e a d m o r e . . ?

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