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Fri, April 25th '14
Day Trip to San Francisco

Last week was Kaylie’s Spring Break. I wanted to make it fun so I took the week off from work and planned a few day trips. First, we went to San Francisco ~ Pier 39, Rainforest Cafe & Kinokuniya. I must say I HATE the roads in SF; they have so many one way streets AND no turns! I had to make a few big loops just to get back to where I was trying to go. That is why I’ve only driven there THREE TIMES on my own.

Pier 39

Pier 39 always reminds me of when I used to go as a kid. I loved going & I hope the girls do, too. Trish’s Mini Donuts are A MUST! There are plenty of shops and places to eat. You can see Alcatraz across the bay and watch the sea lions sunbathe. Parking, on the other hand, isn’t cheap.. it cost me $32!!

Mimi's Mini Donuts Mini Donuts

Carousel Carousel Horse

Fun Magnets Cable Car Magnets


Sea Lions Sunbathing

The only Rainforest Cafe close to us is the one in San Francisco. I LOVE their Rastapasta sometimes I even crave it. It’s a short walk from the Pier so anytime we go I always try and eat there. Maddie was scared almost the entire time we were dining. She doesn’t like loud noises plus it’s pretty dim inside and the scenery comes to life about every 15min. She loved the store though! Oh and I forgot to bring the hot shoe flash for my Olympus Pen so I couldn’t really take any pictures inside the dining area, ugh!

Rainforest Cafe

Aquarium Scenery

Kinokuniya was an after thought. I mentioned going to Kaylie when we were walking back to the car & she really wanted to go. So.. after a few missed streets, not finding parking and lots of extra driving we finally made it there. I thought it was going to be a lot bigger than it actually was. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty big especially compared to our local one that got super condensed when they relocated inside of Mitsuwa (it’s about 1/3 the size it used to be, sigh.)


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Tue, May 5th '09
Nothing Exciting..

Hmm, not much to blog about today~ I was suppose to go to my 2nd job tonight but I’ll be going in tomorrow instead. I was also suppose to go to Costco but I’m feeling super lazy whilst eating mushroom pizza & garlic twists. 😉

This weekend wasn’t too eventful. Saturday I slept in until 3:30pm then attended Manuel’s cousin’s son’s 1st Communion at 5pm. Another reminder why I don’t go to church, haha~ I’m just not into it! Afterwards we went to a Mexican restaurant then to his cousin’s house to watch the Pacquiao vs. Hatton fight. Once we got there & ordered it we were only able to watch a whopping TWO MINUTES then it was over, gah~ *EPIC FAIL

Sunday I didn’t really do anything except go to Target & spent $100 on nothing spectacular.. food, snacks, a curling iron & Kaylie wanted the game Sorry! Sliders.

Last Thursday my work laid off two aides in my classroom. So basically up until I go to lunch at 11:30am it’s Ashley (aide) & me; we used to have four of us!! 🙁 Our enrollment is pretty low right now that’s why they had to lay them off. Yesterday we had 4 kids until 1pm & today we had 6. Typically we had 10 until 1pm. I like having fewer kids, hehe~

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