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Fri, May 1st '09
Lotsa Forever21

Thanks for all the input regarding the Japanese course. :blush: I’ve decided that I really want to take it so I’m going to register for it. I also might take an online summer course called Web Page Design with XHTML. I’ve already taken 4 Creating Web Page courses so this one shouldn’t be a challenge just fun. I wanted to take Digital Photography during the Fall but that would mean I’d be at school Mon – Thu from 7pm – 9:30pm & I’m positive I can’t hang with that! Maybe in the Spring~

Since coming back to work after Spring Break I’m surprised the week went by rather quickly!! :cheery: Although I was 40 minutes late today, oops. My BlackBerry Storm was acting up AGAIN this time there was no sound coming from it, i.e. no ringtone when the phone rang or alarm clock beeping~  Thankfully being late wasn’t much of a problem.

Manuel’s sick again.. at least the swine flu has been ruled out. I was kinda freaked out because he had ALL THE SYMPTOMS!  His HR & the nurse practitioner both told him to stay home today. It’s funny b/c whenever he gets sick I never catch it.. hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself.

Next are some photos from the past three Forever21 shopping trips I went on during the last two weeks… Notice eco-bags with each purchase, hehe~

Modeling the grandeur bow headband..

R e a d m o r e . . ?

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Mon, October 20th '08
Learned My Lesson

HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY, Leanne~!!
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So Friday night my sis-in-law & I spent 8-1/2hrs doing our homework which was due on Saturday. We had a few weeks to get it done and of course we totally procrastinated. By 4am we knew there was no chance we’d finish it by the time we had to leave for school [7:15am] — we were a little over 1/2 way done. I really didn’t think it would take THAT long!! 😮

Long story short we didn’t go to class.. it’s better to turn it in late then incomplete is what we told ourselves. I’m still kicking myself b/c I did have time where I could have done some of it if I really wanted. Now we missed an entire class worth of notes, material, etc.

Well, I spent my Saturday sleeping in until 2pm. :zzz: I didn’t do anything productive AT ALL.. it kinda felt good, haha~ Yesterday I did a little shopping, ya know.. toiletries ‘n stuff. Ate at Sweet Tomatoes and spent the rest of the evening on the computer.

Now to leave you with my favorite recent photo..

Thao Leanne Sasha Jamie Hunni Lorik


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