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Wed, April 16th '14
Olympus Pen

Olympus Pen - Pin Hole Filter

My Olympus Pen came over the weekend & I LOVE IT! I’m a sucker for filters and the Pen has 12. They are so much fun to play with & so me!!

Manuel has been wanting an older model Mustang for sometime now. So.. on Sunday he bought a ’68 Mustang! If you want a lot of attention buy a classic car because anyone & everyone came out of the woodwork to check it out. Our neighbor even called his friends over to look at it. I’m sure Manuel enjoyed all the attention!

Olympus Pen - Dark Tone Filter

My order came in, too. Their delivery time is amazing; it came in less than a week! I ordered a few Rinka books that I didn’t have. I really just wanted to test out their service so I figured why not. I highly recommend using them if you want to order anything from Japan that they carry. They also packaged the books really well.

Speaking of Rinka.. She has a special collection called No.22 coming out in May to celebrate her 22nd anniversary since her debut in the fashion world. Of course I’m using to pre-order the book! I want the tote bag & mug, too.

Rinka No.22

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Sun, April 6th '14
Online Shopping

I finally did it! I ordered my Olympus Pen yesterday! My dad knew I’ve wanted one for a very long time & when I told him they lowered the price (by $300 & added an extra lens) he told me to order it. He’s the BEST! It should be here by the weekend which is perfect timing for Spring Break. I will definitely be using it for our mini day trips that I have planned.

I have been ordering A LOT this past week! All the things I’ve been wanting to buy that I’ve just been holding off on I ordered this week. I will be getting lots of packages in the mail that’s for sure! I’m excited to blog about all of my new purchases, too.

Kaylie had Friday off so we went to the movies & had dinner with her cousin and her mom. We saw Muppets Most Wanted. Now I will be honest and say that I really did not want to watch it. I was really surprised that it wasn’t as bad as I was dreading it would be. I was entertained throughout most of it especially since they had a slew of guest appearances. It was, however, a bit on the long side. I think it could have been 1-1/2hrs instead of close to 2. Afterwards we ate at Tomatina, an Italian restaurant. The girls had fun & it was nice to get out.

For the rest of the weekend on Saturday Kaylie had a softball game then I met my dad, brother, sis & uncle at Ikea. We ate and walked around. Today Lorina, Maddie & I checked out the new Walmart Neighborhood Market that just opened up this week. Then Kaylie, Maddie & I met my dad, brother & sis at Mitsuwa and Kinokuniya. Had dinner at Happi House then went to visit my mom at the Rehabilitation Center she’s at.

A few things I picked up from Mitsuwa + Kinokuniya:

My Beauty Diary Masks

My Beauty Diary

  • Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask
  • Bulgarian White Rose Mask
  • Black Pearl Mask

Kracie Facial Masks

Kracie Facial Mask – My Favorite Pack

  • Super Supple
  • Super Moist
  • Clear
  • Tightening

Baby Foot

Baby Foot

  • Easy Pack – Citrus

Rose of Heaven Treatment

Rose of Heaven

  • Treatment

Sweet Magazine

Sweet Magazine

  • Feat. Rinka
  • FREE Kate Spade Saturday Tote

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