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Wed, February 13th '08
Miss Jennifer

To say today was a busy day would be an understatement. I started my first day at the Montessori school

I was sad that I didn’t get to see Kaylie ALL DAY, though. I saw her this morning at 9:30am for about 1/2hr and then when I got home at 9:20pm she was sleeping, sigh~

She stayed home from school today b/c she was coughing & wheezing all night. I stopped by to see her b/c I knew I might not be able to the rest of the day. I’m so glad I did.

I went in to work at 5:15am (primary job) and then went straight to the school (2nd job) when I got off at 1:30pm. I started at the school at 2pm and was suppose to only work until 5:30pm. But… a mix up happened and I ended up staying about 6:10pm. My Wilton class started at 6:30pm so I had to rush home, grab the stuff I needed and jam over to Michael’s.

I had Manuel’s grandma put all my stuff in the garage so Kaylie wouldn’t see me getting it b/c she’d want me to stay. I felt so sad on my way to class. I grabbed his grandma’s cellphone b/c mine had died around noon time and I didn’t have a chance to go home and charge it. I called her to tell her I took it and I heard Kaylie in the background saying, “Is that Mommy?!” She told her “No” b/c she would have cried for me if she knew it really was.

Before I go I just want to say that I LOVE my new job~!! It’s what I was born to do and it felt so good and so right being there. This is what I’ve been waiting for.. I’m so glad I have the opportunity to do this. The kids were amazing and they were so cute hanging on me while I was reading them stories. I’m still unsure about my schedule b/c the owner took the rest of the week off.. it might be Tue – Fri (2pm – 5:30pm). I”m working those hours the next two days, too.

I’m extremely tired right now and about to pass out so… g’night~


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Tue, January 15th '08
Just a bit crazy

Hmm, nothing really exciting has been goin’ on. I’ve been getting tired really early these past few days. I’m like ready to pass out and it’s not even 8 o’clock yet, boooo~

Last night was the first class of Wilton Course 3. I think the teacher is just a tad crazy, in a funny way, haha~ She divulges a little too much personal info. I found out she’ll be newly single some time this week among other things. (Ya, did I really need to know that?) Me and this other chick in class just give each other looks when she starts going on a tangent. It does keep the class entertaining if anything.

School starts in 2 weeks. I’m so not looking forward to it. Public speaking is not my forte. My friend who is taking the class with me registered too late so she’s on the wait list now. She better get added — I don’t want to take the class alone.

R e a d m o r e . . ?

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