Thu, September 4th '14
My {belated} Birthday

I celebrated my birthday in July. I know, I’m waaaay late with this post! I always take vacation during this time so it was nice having two weeks off. Manuel got me the perfume I’ve been wanting forever… Mermaid No. 1. It’s only sold online and I’ve never gotten around to ordering it. I LOVE IT! I already want to order a backup bottle.

Mermaid No. 1

Lorina (hubby’s aunt) got me pink Beats by Dre headphones. I’ve been wanting to buy a pair but I couldn’t justify spending that kind of money on headphones. They are really EXPENSIVE! I wanted a good pair since I’m taking online classes and I have to watch a lot of videos. I’ve been using Kaylie’s Grumpy Cat ones until now.

Beats by Dre

My parents gave me money and my sister got me a Victoria Secret’s gift card. My dad is also getting me a new laptop but I have yet to find the one I want. Still looking… I desperately need one since my current laptop (5yrs old) has been giving me problems off and on. I was originally going to get a MAC Book Pro but decided against it for many reasons.

We ate out A LOT! Manuel took me and the girls to Patxi’s a few days before my birthday since we always go to dinner with my parents on my actual birthday. It was SO GOOD! We shared a Chicago style pizza which was pretty pricey but definitely worth it. The morning of my birthday my hubby’s grandma treated me to Hobee’s. Hobee’s is my favorite breakfast place ever! I love their cinnamon orange house tea. For dinner we went to Claim Jumper with my parents and siblings. Then the following Saturday we ate out AGAIN at The Cheesecake Factory because my sister couldn’t make it to the dinner with my parents. I ate way too much that week!

Birthday Cupcake from Claim Jumper

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Sat, August 16th '14
Our Anniversary

We celebrated our 9th Wedding Anniversary on June 25th. We’ve actually been together 20-1/2 years! Manuel knows me so well so he got me the PINK Limited Edition Nintendo 2DS & Tomodachi Life. I’ve been addicted ever since! It’s such a cute game.

Nintendo DS

Tomodachi Life

We had dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, Luigi’s. I got my favorite dish.. penne pasta with red pepper sauce and mushrooms. I never order anything else; it’s that good! We hadn’t been there in awhile so we decided to go there with the kids.

Anniversary Dinner

Tomodachi Life

Manuel & I are also married in the game!

Tomodachi Life Tomodachi Life
Tomodachi Life Tomodachi Life

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