Fri, May 23rd '14
Google Tour

Google: Android Building

A nice thing about living in Silicon Valley is that all the major tech companies are here. Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to Google Headquarters aka Googleplex with Kaylie’s Girl Scout Troop.

I brought my Olympus PEN but wasn’t sure if I was allowed to take pictures inside the buildings so I didn’t. We went on a short tour; learned a little bit about Google; how they use renewable energy; what the Engineer giving us the tour does and the story behind the Android OS confectionery-themed code names. I was hoping we would go to the store but we didn’t.

Android Building Google Maps | View
Building 44 is the Google Android Building where they work on the Android Operating System. Outside the building they have statues of the current and previous operating systems.

Android Building

Cupcake Doughnut

Froyo Ice Cream Sandwich

Jelly Bean KitKat

Gingerbread & Eclair

Google Bikes
Google provides bicycles for their employees to use around campus. Google likes to promote a healthier, greener workplace.

Google Bikes

Dinosaur Stan Google Maps | View
Stan the T-rex is Google’s corporate mascot. The employees like to pull pranks and do different things to Stan. Currently they placed plastic flamingos on him.

Dinosaur Stan

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