Sun, April 26th '09
Back to work already!

Gah, can’t believe my Spring Break went so quickly. In the beginning it seemed like it was moving at a pretty good pace but now it’s back to work tomorrow. I planned on spending this weekend taking Kaylie somewhere like the aquarium but that didn’t happen.  Instead we attended THREE birthday parties in two days!! I barely just got home from two of them. I guess this marks the beginning of “Birthday Season”, hehe~

I’ve been thinking about my blog, twitter, flickr & other online accounts lately and decided I wanted to keep things more private. In the beginning I was very weary about having a lot of info out there about myself (because you never know) but as the years passed I got less weary and more trusting. Well, I’ve decided to take down some pages & links from my blog and make my twitter & flickr accounts private. So, if you’re already added as a friend/contact to any of my online accounts then that will stay the same. I don’t need a million commenters/followers/contacts I’m happy with a select few that are truly sincere.. you know who you are~ :blush: [or check the links page] I’m also open to having more if you’re a new reader.

I may even start posting private posts so if that happens just comment on the previous post or email me & I’ll be more than happy to give you the password. If you want to be added to my twitter or flickr email me as well.

Now that I got that off my chest I think I’ll enjoy the last few hours of my weekend..

PS: I’m always happy to have new readers!! Feel free to leave comments & I’ll check out your blog as well~ 😉


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