Wed, August 6th '14
Busy Summer

Wow.. I can’t believe the summer is almost over! It’s been pretty busy as you can tell by my lack of posts. I have a lot to catch up on…

Back to School

Digital Photography

I officially went back to school on June 2nd. I took Digital Photography online during summer school. The course is only 6 weeks and something I really enjoy which will help make my transition in the fall much easier. I will be taking JavaScript for the Web AND User Experience, Interface and Multimedia Design. The JavaScript course is broken up into two sessions, Introduction & Intermediate, over one semester. All three classes are online, too. I’m working towards a Web Developer Certificate. I already took the required HTML courses a few years back. Digital Photography is part of the additional courses needed to complete the required units so that was perfect! I completed the class with a 99.95% and I really learned a lot.

HS Graduation

Gabriel's Graduation

At the end of May my nephew graduated from High School so we turned it into a mini trip. We stayed at a hotel since the ceremony was at 8pm on a Thursday and he lives over an hour away. It was my hubby’s aunt, Kaylie, my ex sis-in-law and her two kids that went. It was such a crazy two days but I’m so glad we went. He was very happy to see us there, too.

B&BW Soap Pool

Veggie Burrito

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Sat, June 21st '14
Father’s Day

Father's Day

For Father’s Day we went to St. John’s Bar & Grill a really good burger place nearby. That was actually the second time we went in a week! Yes, it’s that good. Since we went on Saturday it was 50% off all burgers. They have a different special everyday.

I got the Mushroom Burger (with a veggie patty) and garlic fries both times. I love their chipotle ketchup, too. We decided to go the day before Father’s Day thinking it would be less crowded but we were wrong. Since they had the burgers half off it was crazy packed!

St. John's

Garlic Fries Onion Rings

The girls got Manuel the wind chime pictured above from an Art & Wine Festival we went to a few weekends ago. He has The End of the Trail tattooed on his arm so Kaylie just had to get it for him. I got him a red Fitbit Flex since he’s always wanting to wear mine to work to check his steps.

Fitbit Flex

On Father’s Day we picked up BBQ for him from his favorite place for lunch and then went to Coco’s with my family for dinner.

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